How to ‘download videos on Instagram’?

‘Download Instagram videos’ search is made very often by users who want to download content from Instagram. One of the most used social media applications in the world Instagramis one of the first applications that come to mind in photo and video sharing. For this reason, many users want to download the videos they see on Instagram. There are several websites and tools for this. Using these tools Instagram videoAvailable to download a presentation.

There are a few requirements for an Instagram video to be downloaded. The first is whether the shared post belongs to a private profile or a public profile. The download tools cannot download the videos in question, as they cannot access hidden accounts. For this reason, let’s say that it is easier to download from accounts that are not in a private state.

Download Instagram videos

As mentioned above, some websites and tools can be used to download videos shared on Instagram. We will list the highlights of these options for you. In these tools, you can easily download using the link of the Instagram video you want to download. The file type of downloaded videos is usually mp4. This makes it easy to watch the video on both computers and smartphones.


First on these download sites savefrom it shows itself. From here The button where you can paste the link of the video and start the download shows itself on the site you can reach. When you paste a link to this part and click the download button, the video starts to be processed. After processing, the mp4 download link is ready with the preview of the video. The video opens in the browser when the download button is clicked. After right click on the video here “Save video as” Clicking the button starts the download to your computer.

Download Instagram Videos

‘Instagram follower’

Another website where you can download Instagram videos is ‘instatakip├ži’. From here You need to enter the link of the video you want to download on the website you can reach. If you want, it is possible to see all the videos in the account by typing the username of the account you want to download. When the link is entered on this site, you will encounter a security check that you are not a robot. After this check, it is added to the queue for download. With the turn of the download button it’s coming out. Here, when you press the download button, the video opens in the tab. Here, too, right click on the video “Save video as” Need to click on the tab. When you select this option, the video starts to download.

Download Instagram Videos

Let’s download the video ‘

Click ‘for Instagram video download option.Let’s download the video ‘ also on the list of recommended. From here You need to paste the link of the video you want to download on the website you can reach. After pasting “Download” Clicking the button starts the video processing. Options such as file type and video quality also show themselves on this site. After the video has been processed “Download video” Clicking the button starts the video download process.

Download Instagram Videos

Alternative sites for Instagram video download

As another prominent website along with these 3 sites downloadsvideosfrom has. As on other websites from here You need to paste the link of the video to be downloaded to the relevant box on this site, which you can reach. After entering the link “Download mp4” It is necessary to click on the button. After clicking, there is a short processing time for the video. After processing, the download button becomes active. Clicking this button starts the video download.

insta video download

Download Instagram videos Among the sites that can be used to process allinonedownloader is also included. From here You can reach the relevant section of the website Instagram You need to paste the link of the video. After clicking, the quality, format and size information comes to the fore according to the features of the video. To the right of this information is the download button to download the video. When you click this button, the video opens in a new tab. Right clicking the name of this video opened in the new tab “Save video as” Video can be downloaded with the option.

Instagram download

We have compiled the prominent sites to download videos from Instagram for you. If you want, you can use these sites on smartphones and tablets. You can save videos to your devices by doing the same on these devices.

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