Hopeful news from the Turkish doctor! It protects like a vaccine

While the mobilization continues to combat Covid-19, which affects the whole world, vaccination studies make their mark on the agenda. After the vaccination studies started in our country, Turkish doctor Hasan Önal‘from An alternative solution to the vaccine came.

Hopeful news from the Turkish doctor! It protects like a vaccine

worldwide Using quersetin and vitamin C (QC) together In the fight against Covid-19 evidence that it is effective Hasan Önal’s clinical studies are evidence. Doctor Hasan Önal showed that QC supplements are effective against Covid-19 in the long-term use of the QC supplement with a clinical study conducted within the scope of healthcare professionals working in units with high transmission risk of the virus.

Director of Nutrition and Safe Food Research Center Prof. Dr. The study conducted under the leadership of Hasan Önal, with the approval of the ethics committee at the University of Health Sciences Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital; It determines the importance of QC reinforcement.

It protects like a vaccine

Two separate doses of Quersetin and vitamin C were given to 71 healthcare workers, who were seen as the most risky group in the pandemic. 42 healthcare workers in the same category were determined as the control group. Antibody positivity was detected at the end of the study in the participants who were followed for 120 days.

After the positive test results, the product, which was created with the synthesis of Quersetin and Vitamin C, was obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and mass production started. A drug application to the Ministry of Health is planned for the improved formula of the product.


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