Honda’s new HR-V model to reveal soon

Honda, 18 FebruaryNew with two-motor hybrid powertrain in HR-V Confirmed that it will introduce its model.

The new HR-V is expected to feature a dynamic exterior design

Small SUVThe new generation of Honda’s 2022 It is seen as part of a strategy to electrify all mainstream models in Europe until the year. In addition, the new generation SUV to be released, HR-V e: HEV will adopt the name.

New generation Honda HR-V upcoming New Civic It is expected to have a more dynamic exterior design by following the same design perception as. Camouflaged test cars measure the model’s larger dimensions and crossover coupe He was seen trying to hide a similar appearance.

New generation HR-VNote that the details of the hybrid powertrain mechanism have not been fully disclosed yet. However, what we see in the new Jazz Turbocharged Combining a 1.5-liter four-cylinder, a gasoline engine, two electric motors and a small lithium-ion battery pack, the system is expected to be included in the New HR-V.

The new generation, whose interior and exterior design, equipment and technical features are not yet fully known Honda HR-VAll of the features are expected to be announced on February 18.

As it stands New Honda How did you find the HR-V?


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