Hike decision from Spotify! Here is the new price

Popular online music streaming service Spotifyhas been serving in our country for a long time. Apple Music and YouTube Premium Service that competes with market leader in position. However, according to recent news release from the Spotify for Turkey raise decision has been taken. The raise that Spotify will apply, for now for family package only valid.

It is not yet known whether there will be a raise for other packages in the coming days.

Family package raise decision made by Spotify

After the new decision, The price of the family package is 29.99 TL instead of 26.99 TL it will be. To invoicing family packages over the new price Since March will begin. The statement made by Sweden-based music service, in Turkey about other packages It was stated that no price changes were made.

Spotify family package

After the price increase decision taken by Spotify, From February 1 If validated, invoicing It will be launched from March specified. Changes in exchange rates, company policies and pricing of services There are many reasons like. As the competition between online music streaming services increases, great artists wages paid also started to increase.

Swedish company market leader although in the position Apple Music and YouTube Premium They have very serious rivals.

Detailed information about the family package and pricing from here you can reach.

What do you think about the raise decision for the family package?


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