Health Minister Koca was the first to have the Chinese vaccine

3 million doses of vaccine Turkey recently took delivery. Official pre-vaccination expected to start in the second week of January Health Minister Fahrettin Koca and some volunteer Scientific Committee members were the first to get the vaccine. first vaccination was performed live in Turkey. As of tomorrow (January 14), the vaccination of health workers will begin. Minister Koca, who was the first person to have the Chinese vaccine, also made some statements in the live broadcast. Here are the details of the description:

First person to get Chinese vaccine became Minister of Health and Scientific Committee members

A short time Ministry of Health, Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (TÄ°TCK) by, analyzed by CoronaVac vaccine “Emergency Use Approval” was given. After that, it was seen that the first vaccination was made live. Fahrettin Koca, Coronavirus Scientific Committee chose to be vaccinated at Ankara City Hospital with its members. Minister Koca and his entourage became the coronavirus vaccine.

The first person to make the gin rebel-00

Minister Husband “It is our top priority to carry out the vaccination program extremely transparently.” emphasized. At this point, the minister said that the vaccination of the state elders would serve as an example, and drew attention to an important detail about the vaccine. He said that thanks to the data matrix system on the vaccine, it is not possible to give that vaccine to anyone else, except for the person assigned to his name. It is stated that vaccination will continue until the epidemic is under control.


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