Happy RAM development for Intel B560 motherboards

Ryzen processors bringing a new breath to the processor market by introducing AMDpioneered the creation of an environment in which competition is at the highest level. Opponent Intel in this process compared to the past much more innovation brought. At the top of these innovations core and track While increasing numbers take place, finally XMP also for B560 chipset motherboards support is coming.

B560 and Z590 motherboards in Q1 2021 11th generation Rocket Lake processors It will be released to the market with.

B560 chipset motherboards come with XMP support

As we approach 2021, Intel and AMD Leaks about processors also keep coming. In the first quarter of 2021 Rocket Lake-S will introduce Intel processors, with this series To LGA 1200 socket will also say goodbye. After Rocket Lake-S processors, in the second half of the year if Alder Lake-S series is planned to be introduced.

As the introduction of Rocket Lake processors approaches, leaks about processors continue to come. i9-11900 processor As the engineering sample leaked, the flagship 8 cores 16 threads With its future, it is also certain. Displayed because the processor is still in testing phase frequency values it does not reflect the truth.

The most pleasing detail on the Intel side is B560 motherboards with chipset coming for XMP support happened. Normally, except Intel, Z series motherboards On B and H series motherboards It did not allow XMP support. But AMD’s On B series motherboards Its success has not gone unnoticed by Intel.

i7-11700K engineering sample

Many users in the past years, RAM frequency with i5 processors as it cannot increase Z series motherboard He complained that they had to buy it. Now, users who do not buy K processors, B series motherboards with i3, i5, i7 and i9 processors will be able to use it without any memory loss.

11th generation Rocket Lake-S processors production in January While waiting to start, one of the biggest innovations to come with these processors is PCIe 4.0 it will be.


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