Google Pixel models will be able to measure heart rate

Googleadds heart and respiratory rate monitors to the Fit app on Pixel phones this month, and Android It plans to add to the phones. Both features can be done with the camera on the phones.

New talent to Google Pixel phones!

With the new update released by Google, Pixel devices monitor the rise and fall of the user’s chest and measure the heart rate by monitoring the respiratory rate and the color change of blood passing through the fingertips. It is stated that this feature is only intended to allow users to monitor overall health and cannot evaluate or diagnose medical conditions.

Using the app, users point the phone’s front camera at their head and chest to measure their breathing rate (the number of breaths a person takes per minute). To measure the heart rate, it is enough to put a finger on the rear camera. Heart rate data from Google’s app contains less detail than the types of readings a person can receive from a wearable device that can continuously monitor something like heart rate as they go about their daily life.

Google HealthJiening Zhan, chief technical officer, said internal research on Pixel phones showed that the respiratory rate feature is accurate at one breath per minute for people with and without health problems. The accuracy of the heart rate feature was announced as 2 percent. This property has been tested on individuals with a variety of skin types and turned out to be similarly accurate for light and dark skin. The team plans to publish a scientific article with data from their reviews.


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