Google Keyboard design is changing! Here is the new version

Android the indispensable keyboard application of devices Google Keyboard design There will be some changes soon for the app that many manufacturers put on their devices by default. Screenshots of the new design are in our news.

Google Keyboard design changes

App Number 10.1 Beta users who installed the update came across a different design. Keyboard font with new update Google Sans however, the letters were lined up more tightly. The background of the letters was made darker in the light theme and lighter in the dark theme.

It is possible to say that these innovations provide a more similar appearance to Pixel UI design. Although radical changes were not made, in general more minimalist We can easily say that a design has been made.

google keyboard design is changing

If you do not like the new design, do not worry, there is a setting so that users can return to the old design.

These innovations can only be experienced by beta users for now. If you want to try the innovations now, you should follow the steps below.

1.Go to the Google Keyboard download page in Play Store

2. Scroll down and find the “Join the beta program” notification

3.Tap ‘Join’ option and confirm in the pop-up checkbox

4. Wait for a few minutes and check the page again, once you are added to the beta program, ‘(beta)’ will appear next to the app name.

What do you think about the new Google Keyboard design?


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