Google Duo may stop working on uncertified devices

Soon Google Duo, Google Messagesby following the trend set by the practice of Android it may stop working on devices.

The date when the Duo app will stop working is unknown

Earlier this week Google, “MessagesWith an update on the “application”uncertifiedIt included a notification that it would stop working on Android devices.

Google Duothe latest update of, version 123is now available on Play Store. This version is the most important detail, Google MessagesIt contains a notification similar to that found in.

According to this statement Google Duoof recently Google Messages same as uncertified Android It is thought not to be used in devices.

Android on your device Google Play If not properly approved to use their services, soon Google Duo It may lose the ability to make and receive calls.

“Messages“For the application March 31indicating that Google, “Duo”Did not specify the date when the application will stop running.

For those using an unsupported device Duo You may soon unregister the account on your device. This is why we recommend that you backup and download your necessary history.


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