Google Chrome will use less memory

Google is preparing to make a significant change in the Chrome browser, which draws attention with its use of RAM. The Chrome browser will use less RAM by 2021. Google developers will be powered by the TerminateProcess function for the Windows 10 version of the browser.

TerminateProcess function will be used


According to the report they prepared, Google Chrome developers are considering using Windows 10’s TerminateProcess function. This function also provides an improvement in the performance of the system by clearing the processes that continue to run in the background of the applications that the user has closed.

Due to the difficulty of closing the running processes in hardware resources software, Chrome developers TerminateProcess APIIt is thought that the RAM gain will be at the highest level both by closing tabs during use and when the browser is closed.

If we consider that there is no change in RAM usage when we close the tabs that are open more than one in Chrome, which we are currently using, it will be used. TerminateProcess Thanks to the function, we will see a significant decrease in RAM usage and acceleration in the system, especially in computers with 8 GB and less RAM, it will provide a noticeable acceleration.


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