GM exhibits 400 km range electric cargo vehicle

General Motors (GM), CES 2021 at the fair 400 km range cargo vehicle presented to the liking of users. With the increase of online shopping, it was aimed to offer such a solution to the delivery system. In this context, the company announced its new logistics project named ‘BrightDrop’.

It was reflected in the news that a budget of 27 million dollars was used for the project in question. Focusing on the production of electric vehicles, the company wants to have a significant share in the deliveries to be made with electric cars in the future.

Electric cargo vehicle with 400 km range on the market this year

CES 2021 It was announced that the company will offer electric vehicles for different purposes to the market with the vehicle that was shown to have a range of 250 miles. It was stated that the first vehicle, named EP1, was a tracked vehicle capable of 5 km. It was stated that this vehicle can carry around 90 kg of load and can also work in warehouses with a rack system.

It was stated that the workload will be reduced, the work will be faster and the time wasted will be prevented thanks to the electric cargo vehicle with a range of 400 km. Company officials stated that a solution will be made to deliveries made in a random and unsafe way, and that negativities such as breakage and deterioration during delivery will be prevented. Thanks to this, it was stated that the activities will be short.

It was announced that GM is experimenting with FedEx, one of the leading shipping companies in the USA. It was stated that those working with this trial and with the EP1 were able to process 25 percent more packages.

Electric cargo vehicle with a range of 400 km

It was announced that EP 1 will be released this year. It was stated that with the new year, the production of EP1 started and as the next target, the truck named EV600, which can carry 4,500 kg of load, with a range of 400 km, will be put on the market.

It has been reported that the EV600 model will have motion detection sensors for safety, will be charged with 120kW DC fast charging support and will show itself at the end of 2021. In addition, the lane tracking system found in many vehicles, doors that can be controlled with keys, wide cabin walking areas, etc. features will also be on the EV600.


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