Game console from Tesla for the price of a car

One of the richest people in the world Elon MuskTesla owned by; It is a company that is very popular with many features in its cars and breaks sales records. Investing in the ability to play games in the car Tesla, It challenges the new generation game consoles.

Tesla is no longer just a car

The company has been in many models since 2019 Tesla Arcade offers game service named. Tesla new models are now available for PS5 or Xbox Series X It will have features like game consoles. Tesla has added game console service to its in-car multimedia system since its new cars; wants to increase the customer’s pleasure.


Renewed Model S It has a new front bumper, a finely tuned rear diffuser and new wheel designs in 19 and 21 inch options. The main changes welcome us here when we move on to interior design. It’s called the first major update of the Model S since its release in 2012.

Model Y ‘very similar to 17 inchesThere is a large central screen. In addition, the new Model S has a 12.3-inch multimedia system at the rear. Tesla, the center screen 10 teraflops is a gaming PC with computing power and the popular game in its published images The Witcher 3shows that it is running.


New steering wheel it greets us as if it came out of a movie scene. On the steering wheel without levers, turn signals, lights and other typical features are now controlled by touch buttons on the new steering wheel.

The new center console has more storage space and looks much nicer. For multiple devices wireless charging have the property. Offering the same infotainment and game functions as the home screen, passengers 8 inchesand they can also play games with wireless game controllers.

Tesla Model S comes in three different features

$ 79.990 The Long Range version has a 4 × 4 specification and specifies a range of 663 km.

$ 119,990 The Plaid model has 1,020 horsepower and a range of 627 km.

$ 139.990 The Plaid Plus model has 1,100 horsepower and a range of more than 830 kilometers.

Tesla also said that Model S is currently the most aerodynamic It also claims to be a production car


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