Galaxy S21 and Z Flip 3 will come with similar designs

With the Samsung Fold series, foldable phones entered the market quickly. The South Korea-based technology giant introduced the Z Flip model after the Fold series. Galaxy FoldZ Flip series, which was developed with a different folding mechanic according to the design of the company, was very popular. A new design has been shared for Samsung’s foldable phone Galaxy Z Flip 3, which is on the road. Z Flip 3 design with rear camera setup of Galaxy S21, which is expected to be introduced:

Galaxy Z Flip 3 will have more advanced cameras

We frequently encounter examples of smartphones falling on the internet and leaking without being introduced. Samsung’s new foldable screen phone, also on the road Design concept of Z Flip 3 appeared. There are users who complain about the lack of camera features in the previous model. In other words, the camera features are expected to be improved on the new phone.

This design, which previously appeared in LetsGoDigital, is also approved by FrontTron. It is seen that it will have the same camera design as the S21, as well as gold-colored lines and a purple body color. Of course, this is a design that has been thought of as a concept. It was previously revealed that the Z Flip 3 model has a larger secondary screen compared to the previous model.

Galaxy Z Flip 3-00

Other screen features of the phone include 6.70 inch AMOLED eIt is said that the camera will be located and the front camera will be placed better centered on the phone. In addition to these, an LTPO screen with a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz seems to welcome us. It is predicted that the phone will be introduced in the first months of this year.


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