Free Minecraft game defeated coronavirus

MinecraftDespite its simple graphics, it is one of the most popular games in the game world. Owned by Microsoft Mojang Studios An assertive version of the game developed by Accordingly, Microsoft free Minecraft mobile game it does not want to allocate more resources to the country in pandemic conditions.

Free Minecraft didn’t get what it wanted in augmented reality

Pokemon Go in mobile games starting with augmented reality For the spree, at Mojang Studios Minecraft Earth his game was announced in 2019. Minecraft Earth, actually Android It was a game that was still under development on its side and was appreciated before the pandemic.

However, using augmented reality technology, Minecraft the game that encourages to play does not attract the long-awaited attention. Microsoft made a tough decision for the ambitious game and 30 Junehas decided to remove it from the application stores.

Facing us augmented reality using technology free one Minecraft game, you had to spend money with payments for the game. Microsoft is for everyone who spends money on Minecraft Earth. Minecraftwill give an appropriate copy of. Mojang Studios In this context, it made some adjustments for paid content in the game.

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New in-game adjustments for Minecraft Earth

According to this Minecraft Earth in real money transactions have been removed. Ruby costs have been significantly reduced. Time requirements for production and melting have been reduced.

Unused crafting and melt aids have been replaced with the same radius increments. 5 January – 30 June Players who log in between will be given a series of character generator items.

Free Minecraft as remarkable Earth, 30 Juneand will not be available for download after this date. July 1 in history Character Creator and Minecoin All player data outside their powers will be deleted.

free minecraft, augmented reality, minecraft earth

GameAnd these rubies of the players who have left rubies MinecraftTo purchase paid items on console and PC versions of MinecoinIt will be converted to.

The game’s servers will continue to run until April 26th. Especially iOS The game, which is highly acclaimed by the side, may find a chance on Microsoft’s side once again with the easing of pandemic conditions. Free Minecraft Earth, augmented reality Have you tried your game? We are waiting your comments.


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