First vaccine results for mutated virus

BioNTech and Pfizer developed by Coronavirus Vaccine promising new results have emerged. The vaccine approved by the USA and the European Union mutated virus how effective it was against it was tested in South Africa and England. “What is a mutated virus and how effective is it? The answers to the question appeared in this research.

Coronaviurs vaccine gives hope against mutated virus

In researches, BioNTech and Pfizer developed by Coronavirus Vaccine in mutated virus tried in the face. Although official figures have not been released yet, the first results seem positive.

According to this BioNTech vaccine, mutated virus opposite, almost other coronavirus gave results as effective as types. Experts BioNTech vaccine the resulting data for other coronavirus There is an opinion that it also applies to vaccinations.

Coronavirus While the second peak in the outbreak that started in September 2020 caused concern, mutated virus These worries further increased. In the first examinations, samples taken from South Africa and England were examined in private laboratories. But What is mutated virus and how effective is it?

According to the first results, mutated virusappears to be spreading much faster than the first types of viruses alone. It is sufficient that the disease is more fatal with this mutation or has a more severe course. no evidence found.

However, the latest information in the UK shows that new symptoms such as dry nose and increased heart rate are also confronted with this new virus.

When coronavirus vaccine will be shot in Turkey?

Coronavirus outbreak Social immunity is expected to increase with the availability of vaccine for the disease and the start of vaccination in countries such as the USA, England, Canada, Germany and China.

Turkey is supported by the Chinese government, one of the 4 vaccine Sinovac vaccine had made a 50 million-dose deal for. Turkey outside Brazil, Indonesia, which will be used in countries such as Malaysia Sinovac vaccine The first results appeared to Turkey and Brazil in particular.

Get vaccinated third phase Preliminary results are expected to be announced at the beginning of the week. For brazil 78 percent If the success rate for Turkey 92 percent was at the level. Turkey vaccine arrived in late December and entered a 15-day test period. The vaccine is expected to begin hitting critically important occupational groups such as healthcare professionals later this month.

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