First step taken for electric Rolls Royce Silent Shadow

BMW, its subsidiary Rolls Royce for Silent Shadow registered its brand. Silent Shadow, thought to be the company’s first electric vehicle, allegedly 103EX will be inspired by the concept.

Rolls Royce registers Silent Shadow brand for electric vehicle

Rolls Royce CEO making a statement about electric vehicles Torsten Müller-Ötvös“We do not lean towards Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid technologies. Our next vehicle will be 100 percent electric. “He used expressions.

Trademark registration for Silent Shadow, the first electric Rolls Royce model

To the German Patent Office applying, BMW has begun work on Rolls Royce’s new electric vehicle. According to the news in Autocar, work is being done on the electric Rolls Royce Phantom prototype. It is among the rumors that the Silent Shadow model will come with different designs and features from the electric Phantom prototype.

The published report does not contain details about the features of the electric vehicle developed by the company. However, it is claimed that the new model will be inspired by the 103EX prototype model that appeared in 2016.

Silent Shadow, thought to use the same infrastructure as the BMW i7 model Samsung SDI battery cells will be used by. The model, which will appear with a range of more than 500 km, will have at least 100 kWh battery will be used.


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