Fahrettin Koca: Chinese vaccine is on its way

From china for coronavirus vaccines expected to arrive Health Minister Fahrettin Koca The news came by pleasing. Minister Fahrettin Koca, Chinese vaccine (Sinovac) made the statement from Beijing, social media platform twitter made over. Vaccines tomorrow morning It is expected to be in Turkey.

3 million doses of the vaccine come from China to Turkey

The Minister of Health, in a statement made on Twitter, Inactive vaccines the plane that brought the first part 19.50 o’clock‘also Beijing Airportand announced that they will continue to report the developments. You can see the sharing of Minister Koca below.

Chinese vaccine from her husband by the Minister (Sinovac) set out the disclosure in Turkey How many vaccines will come from China The answer to the question was also a matter of curiosity. According to the information that emerges, aircraft taking off from Beijing to Turkey 3 million doses of vaccine will land with. Turkey gave the order total 50 million dose.

Turkey is expected to arrive tomorrow morning before vaccines postponement The reason is in China relapsing coronavirus were cases. Under normal conditions, vaccines that have to be launched before It was delayed when China ceased customs clearance for precautionary reasons.

Chinese vaccine

As for the effectiveness of the vaccine, a statement had previously been made from Minister Koca. Husband, said in a statement last week, he shared his first time on the test results of the Chinese vaccine in Turkey 92.5 percent at the rate of immunity announced that he had developed.


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