Facebook redesigning Pages section

US social media giant FacebookIs redesigning the Pages section. New with no like button Facebook Pageswill have a much simpler interface compared to the previous one. Innovations expected to improve the user experience significantly are expected to come to light in the coming months.

Facebook Pages will host many innovations

Facebook, which has recently made significant changes in the platforms within the company, this time handled the Pages section. For businesses, brands and famous people, the social media giant said today Facebook Pages He said that they will give a new look and feel to his experience.

On New Facebook Pages a special news feed The US company stated that there will be a series of important changes that include a new Q&A format and other tools to attract followers.facebook-pages-refreshing

Facebook Pages bid farewell to the Like button

Perhaps the most striking change in the new design Like button absence. Stating that instead of focusing on the total number of followers the Pages have, Facebook stated that this way, it could be learned more clearly how many people Pages reached.

Because Facebook users, even if they liked a Page once, may stop following the relevant Page to remove it from News Sources when they lose interest over time, but their likes remain stable. This does not give accurate results in determining how many people the Pages actually reach.


On the other hand, New Pages have their own special news feeds, which is among the most notable changes. The company also with followers a new Q&A format offers.

This is what creators, brands, or influencers Instagram Storiesis following the trend in which they receive and answer questions from their fans. This feature can definitely be useful as it allows fans to get to know a creator they like better, or to allow brands to communicate with consumers more warmly.

The US social media giant started its tests last summer. Your Facebook Pagesstated that it will start publishing in the coming months.


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