Facebook embargo on weapon accessory ads

Social media platform Facebook, published within its own structure weapon equipment announced that it was temporarily removing its advertisements. The firm is the reason for this new American President Joe Biden He showed the oath.

Facebook banned gun accessories until the oath ceremony

Facebook, published the other day blog in his article in the statement, “Sat least, advertisements promoting deity accessories and protective equipment To January 22 up, for a number of precautions. We were already banning ads for products like guns, ammunition, and silencers. But now we will also ban the advertisements of accessories such as gun cases, vests and gun holsters ”.


No doubt forbidden 6 January in history To the American Capitol the result of the criticism for allowing posts that organize the actions taken. For BuzzFeed News According to the information provided by the Facebook and Instagram published over. Also a group of US senators To Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg he wrote a letter. In the letter, the senators urged Facebook to permanently ban ads for products designed for deadly tactical operations and armed conflict.

On the other hand, in addition to the temporary bans imposed by the company, during the oath ceremony White House, Congress Building or close-range events in state capitals. The company stated that in addition to this decision, the accounts that violate the decisions taken will also be removed.


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