Exxen came to Android devices after iOS

The domestic platform that started its digital publishing adventure with the new year Exxen The focus of the criticism arrows with its exit became. Besides price and systemic issues, shortcomings on the TV and mobile application side were discussed a lot. iOSafter Exxen Android gained its application.

Exxen Android app is missing on mobile side

As well as system problems Android Mobile application support for the platform without mobile application was announced at the end of a week. In this way Exxen now it has become accessible on all platforms except television.

Exxen Android app

While the lack of applications is expected to be resolved in a short time as a result of the agreement to be made with television manufacturers, the completion of mobile applications will significantly increase the number of users. Acun Ilıcalı recently stated that Exxen reached more than 500 thousand users in the first three days.

One of the issues that Ilıcalı came to the fore with was the Exxen price. Because in a television program he participated in, he reminded the investment made in Exxen and 9.90 pounds the one advertising subscription actually of the stay 40 liras said it must be.

You can click here to download the Exxen Android app.

Let us remind you that with the Android application, the subscription cancellation problem of Exxen has also disappeared as of January 5. Users who want to cancel their Exxen subscription from the link can reach details.


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