Elon Musk gives date for Neuralink experiments

Has initiatives in many areas Elon MuskContinues to attract attention on Twitter. To cure neurological diseases Neuralink developed, by restoring communication between nerves and the brain plans to become a hope for sick people. While the project, announced in 2017, continues to be developed, Elon Musk is on Twitter. Neuralink experiments gave a date for.

One of Neuralink’s aims is to ensure that electronic devices are by the human brain making it easy to control.

Elon Musk gave a date for Neuralink on Twitter! When will they install the chip?

Neuralink has also led to some differences of opinion among people. Some of this project a revolution on humanity while some others with these chips to be installed that people can be controlled thinks. Although the idea of ​​controlling people is based on conspiracy theories as a result of experiencing any security vulnerabilities what might happen is still unknown.

A user on Twitter with their post Elon Muskhe called out. 20 years ago one that you had a car accident and the user stating that he / she is disabled, That you can volunteer for Neuralink studies told. Making a statement on the subject, Elon Musk said, “Neuralink implant safety Providing works very hard and FDA they are in close communication with. If things go well to the first human experiments later this year we can start. ” used the expressions.

Musk, recently ClubhouseHe participated in a show called the Good Time Show, where he explained some of Neuralink’s progress. In the skull wireless implant and to tiny wires has a monkey Stating that they are Elon Musk, the monkey that you can play video games using your mind stated. Making a statement about the nerve implant, Musk said that the implanted implant does not look strange. not even noticed also stated.

Long-term goals of the company, according to Elon Musk a human / artificial intelligence hybrid symbiosis create. Here of course master control in human. Artificial intelligence is more assistant duty sees.

Neuralink, before on primates and pigs also carried out successful experiments.


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