Electric Mini review: I used it without braking

Many sectors are undergoing transformation with the developing technology. This change and transformation One of the areas where it is seen is the automobile industry. Especially in recent years, the leading brands of the automobile world have rolled up their sleeves for the transition to electric vehicles. In this context MINI Cooper SE MINI also produced a fully electric vehicle for the first time with its model named.

Hakkı Alkan examined the first 100% electric MINI vehicle

MINI Cooper SE, before the consumers; It comes in three different packages: Classic, Signature and Iconic. Turkey is the price of the vehicle; For Classic 385.993 TLFor Signature 416.745 TL and for Iconic 454.561TL happened.

In America, Green Car Journal Hakkı Alkan examined the MINI vehicle, which was deemed worthy of the “Most Environmentally Friendly City Car of the Year Award” by the authorities. In the review; The design, equipment and experience of the vehicle were evaluated. You can see the review video below.

If we look at the technical details of the vehicle; in the heart of the car 184 horse engine. With this engine, the vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers. 7.3 seconds can reach. If the maximum speed of the electric car 150 km / h It was announced in the advertisement.

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