Electric cars can be charged from home in 4 hours

Spanish electric charging company Wallboxintroduced the new Level 2 charging station that allows drivers to fully charge their electric vehicles from home in about 4 hours.

In the future electric cars

Today, many global automakers in the world are electric vehicles they build on it. TeslaWhile the market volume of the sector under the leadership of the USA and Europe has increased steadily year on year, in some countries such as Norway electric vehicle sales Gasoline vehicle sales have passed.

Fully electric vehicles are of great importance in terms of both making the automobile industry sustainable and reducing the effects of global warming. However, there are two important points that electric vehicles still have to do: Range and charging time.

charging station

For example; today is an electric powered Chevy boltIf you plug it into the same socket you use to charge your mobile phone, it will be fully charged. at least 64 hours you have to wait.

Although the range offered by electric vehicles gradually increases, charging a battery with a Level 1 charging station can take up a significant portion of your time during the day. Fortunately the Spanish electric charging company Wallboxpromises to reduce this time by eight to 10 times with the new Level 2 charging station.

The price of Wallbox Pulsar starts at $ 649

For the US market in the first place introduced Level 2 charging kit, Chevy Bolt and electric vehicles with similar battery capacity should only be used in domestic environment. In 4 hours can fully charge.

Wallbox with 40 amp output $ 649 The Pulsar smart charging kit comes with a cable that allows it to be attached directly to the wall. Higher output 48 amp Wallbox Pulsar Plus version this year For $ 699 will go on sale.

electric vehicle charging pulsar

The increase in the number of home fast charging stations could also significantly increase the interest in electric cars. Because the biggest question mark in the minds of those who are thinking of owning an electric vehicle is the charging time.

According to the US Department of Energy, only about 16 percent of all stations in the country feature fast charging. In addition, most of them are on highways.


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