DuckDuckGo, Google’s competitor, broke a record

Data privacy In this period of agenda, the search engine DuckDuckGo record one traffic increase lived. Search engine, which is a competitor of Google and founded in 2008, to personal privacy with the importance it attaches and open source stands out with being.

DuckDuckGo hits the highest number of searches per day in its history

USA based Most important of DuckDuckGo’s founding principles was data privacy. The search engine says it does not store the data of its users, and the number of users has increased significantly in recent years. WhatsApp It is thought that the issue of privacy, which is on the agenda due to the fact that the search engine broke a record.

Google competitor DuckDuckGo, for the first time in a day 100 million searches and this statistic was recorded as the highest number of searches in one day in its history. On the first day of January, DuckDuckGo, which had around 77 million searches, took over 100 million, and the issue of data privacy was on the agenda.

To give an example of DuckDuckGo, Google’s competitor, does not store data; The search engine does not save the search history of users, so anyone doing the same search on DucDuckGo instead of personal results will see the same results.

Although DuckDuckGo’s promise of privacy is confidently met by many, let us remind you that data privacy on the internet is not easy on any platform.


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