Does wearing double masks reduce the effects of the virus?

One of the most effective ways against coronavirus is wearing a mask. The use of masks, which significantly reduces the risk of getting the virus, is one of the methods approved by experts. So, does wearing double masks further reduce the rate of getting the virus? In the research conducted by Insider, 13 experts were asked questions. Wearing a double mask makes people more protective against the virus?

A single protective mask is recommended instead of wearing double masks

Business Insider by According to research by asking specialist doctors, wearing a double mask increases protection. However, it is not necessary.

Although there are millions of people who have switched from home to work, there are as many people using public transportation outside. Consequently, people who take the opinions of the experts into account also heed the double mask recommendation. At this point, the layers and fabric quality of the mask worn are also very important.

One of the names addressing the problem Dr. Anthony Fauci, because people are more prudent right now ‘double mask‘he says he prefers to wear it. On the other side Don Milton of the University of MarylandHe says that it will be enough to choose the best and protective mask, and when such a choice is made, one mask can be used.

Scenario of using double masks If you do not have a very protective mask and you had to use it, it is valid. So if you have a quality mask consisting of several layers you don’t have to use double masks.

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Dr. Anthony Fauciprefers to wear two fabric masks, and this preference is not based on scientific grounds.

Dr. Abisola Olulade if he is outside using a three-layer mask proposes. In addition, he says that he should use a surgical mask in the work environment and a three-layer mask when found in a crowd.

The general recommendation of doctors and scientists is to use protective and quality masks. Three-layer masks, surgical masks and N95 are the most recommended mask types.

double mask suggestions from experts in Turkey

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Experts in Turkey also offers ideas on the subject. Scientific Committee member Prof. Dr. Torment“Currently we do not have any scientific information to support the use of double masks, there is no information saying that it protects better. The important thing is that the only mask we use is the medical mask, which is a 3-layer mask produced in accordance with the rules, which is an impermeable layer in between. ” says. This is the interpretation of US doctors and experts.

Faculty member Prof. Dr. Alper Sener says that the double mask may be preferred in some cases. “The use of double masks prevents the mask from coming off the nose or chin while speaking. Since we wear it diagonally to our ears, the mask becomes fixed. ” says.

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