Detail of Istanbul in races canceled in Formula 1

2021 Formula 1 After the announcement of the calendar, it was stated that the list published due to the pandemic was not certain. As the best race in the 2020 season is Istanbul Park 2021 Formula 1 one of his races Turkey GP allegedly.

2021 Formula 1 will continue with Turkey instead Monaco GP

Formula 1 that left its mark on 2020 Istanbul Park The survey Turkey GP after the race was selected as the best race. With an income of approximately 970 million dollars in 2020 Liberty Media, will make some changes for the new season.

2021 Formula 1 GP Turkey surprise

Vietnam and China The team that canceled their GP and postponed the Australian GP to November, On May 23, 2021 will prefer the Istanbul Park track instead of the Monaco race to be held. Also, the Azerbaijani and Canadian GPs will be canceled.

Canadian GP substitute Germany NürburgringIf instead of Azerbaijan GP Italy Mugello the future is claimed. Although there is no official statement from the Formula 1 team yet, some analysts have announced that the rumors are true.

Formula 1 races, which have tens of thousands of spectators in our country, were organized without an audience in 2020 due to the pandemic process. claims will be realized in 2021 Formula 1 GP Turkey is not yet known whether the play is played without spectators.


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