Delay minutes before SpaceX’s record launch

Aiming to bring internet all over the world with the Starlink Project SpaceX, to be done today record throw a decision to postpone for 143 satellites to be sent with the Falcon 9 rocket, which also carried Türksat 5A to space, would break the record for the most satellites carried at once. Minutes before launch, the negative situation at Cape Canaveral, where the launch tower was located, showed itself.

It was stated that the decision to stop the launch was taken because the electrical system could not provide a safe launch. However, it was reported that this situation was caused by the weather conditions in the region. Thus, it was decided to postpone the launch process.

SpaceX decides to postpone record launch

It was stated that the weather conditions required for the sending of 143 satellites into space with the Falcon 9 rocket did not occur. It was stated that the decision to postpone the launch process to be carried out safely. The Türksat 5A, which was previously launched with the Falcon 9 rocket, was delayed due to weather conditions.

SpaceX, the record launch set the time for tomorrow at 10:00 (18:00 local time) in USA Eastern time. It is aimed that the weather conditions are suitable for launch and the record number of satellites will be sent to space.

spacex record launch

It was stated that 133 of the 143 satellites sent were official and private satellites and 10 of them were Starlink satellites. It was stated that sending all the satellites together will make less costs. It was noted that synchronization with the sun for the launch and determining a fee of 10 thousand dollars per kg made the launch attractive.


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