Curved phone from Xiaomi without button and charging input

Chinese telephone company Xiaomi, will use the concept of a waterfall display with curved four sides on his new phone he explained. Quad Curved Waterfall Display While the phones similar to the concept named have similar curves only on the right and left sides, the top and bottom parts of the new phone will also be curved in the same way.

The new Xiaomi phone will be presented with curved sides

Free of space for ports and buttons Xiaomi, he said it was designed to infinitely expand the boundaries of the display and provide a true, junction-free one-piece design. By design The main question is how this can work in screen corners. For Galaxy s21 Ultra For users who do not like the designs on phones such as, the phone can create a nightmare experience.


With this new technology Xiaomi, It aims to make a lot of noise. Because about the device The Andra company representative speaking to GE, pine bending and lamination He mentioned that it is the result of numerous breakthroughs in technology.

Covering all four sides of the phone with the screen Xiaomi, it seems to make a lot of noise with this technology. What will surprise its users about the viewing experience Quad Curved Waterfall Display How it will be in use is now unknown.

This concept phone was introduced last week. Mi Air Change We will see the announcement of the wireless charging system named and how to use this type of phone in daily life. You can watch the promotional video below.


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