Covidien-19 mutations have in Turkey? Minister explained

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, Covidien-19 mutations in Turkey answered the wondered question whether it was. First of all, the COVID-19 mutation, which was effective in the UK and some European countries, caused concern and it was discussed whether the vaccines developed would have an effect on the mutation.

It is reported that the mutation in question is 70 percent more contagious. This is seen as a major factor in the faster spread of the epidemic. PCR testing at the entrance to Turkey from abroad came after it was announced that the mutation fear necessity. Those with negative test results are started to be accepted.

Is the Covidien-19 mutation cases in Turkey?

The comforting statement was made by Health Minister Fahrettin Koca. Minister Koca announced at the beginning of his statement that the Public Health laboratory regularly examines samples from various regions in order to monitor mutation and variation changes in the virus. It was stated that the mutations and variations determined after the examinations were transferred to the World Health Organization.

In the continuation of the statement of Minister Koca, “Within the scope of mutation precaution applications, PCR samples of people who came to our country from England and tested positive and samples from various regions of our country were examined by full gene sequencing method in our reference laboratory. ” said.

Covidien-19 mutation in Turkey

Referring to the results of the collected samples, Koca said that samples taken from cases with positive PCR tests or In Turkey in any region mutation COVID-19 stated that there was no. Britain reported that the gene mutation was transferred to emerge in tests in Turkey.

Minister Koca also announced that the investigations will continue. PCR to people who come from abroad to Turkey after mutation test was made mandatory. The condition of being negative was determined for the PCR test to be performed at least 3 days before.


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