Cinematic feature for Google Photos is coming!

Photos app rather than a simple gallery app to the diary aiming to transform Google continues to work on this path. How you store your memories with loved ones, cities you visit and more he cares about a subject. Therefore, next month by Google Photos app for cinematic feature will be made available.

As it is known, Google Photos, in 2021 to a new paid system passing. The free space provided for the Photos application will be included within the 15 GB defined in your Google account.

Google Photos will bring photos to life with its cinematic feature

To bring for photos cinematic feature available on iPhone models Live feature It works similarly. However, on the Google side, the system is not on the photo taken at that moment over previously taken photos is working. In this respect machine learning and artificial intelligence using Google, the depth of the image guesses and the three-dimensional version of the scene produces. Even if the original image does not contain depth information, an effect similar to scrolling Photos are animated.

Published by Google blog For the cinematic feature that will be brought to the Photos application, The date is given next month. Once the feature is available, the Photos app automatically It will produce cinematic photos for users. When the cinematic photo is ready, the app most recently featured will take place.

When users want to share cinematic photos, they can be created with a few taps. in video, they will be able to share. Thus, user relatives will also be allowed to be included in the memories. In addition to the cinematic photos feature, fresh collage designs will also be brought together with users. Photos you took in the past years, by Google artistically It will be made into a collage.


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