China signs US military base for corona

Usa old Secretary of State Mike PompeoThe Beijing administration responded to China’s target for the coronavirus outbreak before leaving office. As the Chinese government pointed to a US military base, tensions between the two countries also increased.

Coronavirus tension rises between the USA and China

Of china Wuhan The coronavirus, where the first cases were seen in the city, has affected the whole world and for about a year, the world has been looking for ways to get rid of the epidemic. As vaccination continues rapidly around the world, the tension between the two superpowers has increased again. China, after the statement made by Pompeo, WHOHe made a call to Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, coronavirus US Army-owned Fort Detrick’s lab explained that they should be included in this research.

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The same spokesperson also said that the US overseas laboratories should also be made more transparent. stressed. WHO if Wuhan and other China in your cities coronavirus source continues to do research on.

In this regard China as well as USA Although it caused the proliferation of certain conspiracy theories, WHO He has not completed his research on how the disease is transmitted from animals to humans.

Although not as spoken as before, coronavirus source conspiracy theories about. WHO the continuation of his research, China and USA The sensational explanations of such countries cause these theories to be re-voiced.

Despite that coronavirus source about, Made in the laboratory or 5G Unfounded conspiracies such as its spread continue to fly in the air. WHO and many scientists continue to warn about waiting for scientific explanations instead of these conspiracies.


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