Censorship of Trump, one of the social media giants

US President Donald Trump held a rally to protest the election results. Trump supporters raided the congress building in Washington DC, causing the country to mix. The President of the United States, who was blocked from Twitter due to his posts on the events, Facebook and Instagram censorship faced with.

The United States recently went to the polls to elect its president. The presidential election that resulted in Joe Biden’s victory was replaced by US President Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the election result.

Following Twitter Facebook and Instagram censorship of Trump

The country was in turmoil after Trump supporters stormed the convention building in Washington DC. Looking at the first balance sheet, 4 people died and dozens of people were detained. Resignations began after this event, which was the first in the history of the USA.

While these events were taking place, Trump received restrictions from the social media giant for making misleading posts on Twitter. Twitter blocked Trump’s posts for alleged election fraud and the risk of violence.

Soon after this decision Facebook and Instagram A similar decision was made by Social media giant Trump has been banned from sharing for 24 hours due to his posts about the raid on the congress. FacebookThe following statements were included in the statement made by:

“We spotted two rule violations on President Trump’s page, so the posting was blocked for 24 hours during this time.”

After this statement made by Facebook, it was seen that this decision was also valid for Instagram.


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