Camera bomb in the new model of Redmi!

Shortly after Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit Redmi CEO Lu WeibingThe redmi Snapdragon 888 launching smartphones powered by the mobile processor first announced that it would be one of the companies. Today, Redmi K40 The first high-quality image of the smartphone appeared on the Chinese social network.

Redmi K40 may come with different camera setup

We cannot see the front of the smartphone in this render, but previously the Redmi K40 for the front camera had on lower models. Pop-up instead of camera embedded in the screen It was said that he would come with a camera.

In the past weeks on the internet Redmi K40 real photos of a smartphone that passed as leaked. It is worth noting that these devices are similar in the design of the main camera, but there are also quite striking differences. Perhaps this shared rendering is Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro.

Redmi K40

Redmi K40 series smartphones were previously leaked on the internet and the rear camera is basically a matrix design that is the same as the render above It is worth noting that. Redmi K40 series smartphones presentation this month expected late.

The design and features of the leaked K40

When we look at the leaked photos, there is a front camera on the front of the device with a camera design embedded in the screen. However, looking at the images, there is no other detail. Just about the screen LCD is known to happen. On the back of the device is different quad camera group It attracts a lot of attention.

Redmi K40

Located at the top main cameraThe fact that it stands apart from the other three cameras has created a unique design for the Redmi K40 model. The presence of the LED flash right next to it also supports the integrity of the camera group. At the same time, the text ULTRA PREMIUM under the flash does not go unnoticed.

Redmi K40

If we look at other photos of the smartphone, it is down Type-C input, one 3.5mm jack input and stereo speaker has. SIM and memory card slot is located on the upper left of the device.


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