Bullet death threat to Huawei administrator

Huawei holding a senior executive position and serving as the financial manager of the firm Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver bullets were sent to his house by mail. It is not yet clear whether the police will initiate an investigation into the incident. Financial director of the company Meng wanzhou He did not make a statement on the subject.

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou continues to receive death threats

In 2018, HSBC of Huawei Arrested for allegedly misleading about his relations in Iran Meng Wanzhou, He has been under house arrest since then. Detention of a 48-year-old business person Created a rift between China and Canada and Beijing government, repeatedly Wanzhou had asked to be released. Allegedly received many death threats before To wanzhou The most recent attack was with a bullet in the mail.

By the company providing security To the BBC explained According to the information, Chinese The businessperson received five or six threatening letters in June and July of last year. Stating that the letters can be easily identified by the signs outside, the company officials stated that the envelopes contain bullets. The role of the Vancouver police and any investigation remains unclear.

Huawei’s chief financial officer was arrested at Vancouver International Airport for facing charges of bank fraud and possibly violating US sanctions by HSBC. Placed under house arrest after bail Wanzhou’s return to the US is being requested, and the firm is in an intense struggle against it.

He is also the founder of Huawei and served in the company as Chief Executive Officer. Ren Zhengfei Wanzhou, whose daughter is He is pushing for loosening of bail conditions, including lowering daytime security details that follow him constantly. Wearing a GPS tracking wrist as required by bail conditions, the finance manager recently was given permission to his family to travel to Canada.


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