BMW draws attention with iDrive technology at CES 2021

German automaker BMW, CES2021of iDrive technology Celebrating its 20th anniversary. Car manufacturer that continues to improve its production technology, mobility It wants to increase the interaction between the user and the car by maximizing the experience.

iDrive technology bridges the gap between analog and digital

New generation iDrive introducing technology BMW, last generation iDrive‘of analogue with digital expresses that he filled the gap between. BMW He also explains that this technology heralds a change in existing functions in the car.

With new generation technology standards digital intelligence winning new generation BMW automobilesThanks to optimized sensors, more information can now be accessed from the driver. German manufacturer this state, the last generation iDrive system, the ability to detect and display the hazard warnings and the availability of parking spaces at a destination.

BMW CES 2021The new generation introduced in iDrive technology; “The new generation of BMW iDrive has been tuned to exploit the potential of an intelligently connected vehicle more comprehensively than ever before, thus making the mobility experience safer, more comfortable, more convenient and more versatile.”He explains.


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