Blue Jet’s animation image released

Detected in 2019 and International Space StationAtmosphere in – Space Interactions Monitor By (ASIM) “Blue jets” The animation image of the weather event, expressed as, was published by the European Space Agency.

Blue jets detected by ASIM

It is stated that blue jets are difficult to see and examine from the earth’s surface because they occur above the cloud layer. For this reason, blue jets on the International Space Station ASIM determined and measured by.

European Space Agency (ESA) accompanied by the report prepared as a result of the measurement results “Your blue jet” posted the animation image.

The blue jet is called the atmospheric electrical discharge caused by electrons and radio waves interacting with the atmosphere during stormy weather conditions. According to the determinations of ASIM by ESA, 10 micro It was stated that it started with an intense and rapid flash of light for one second.

The exit of the blue jet is pasific OceanIt is stated that it is Nauru Island located in.

In addition ASIMdesigned to search for electrical discharges in the ISS that extend into the upper atmosphere from stormy weather conditions. an optical camera and photometer Let us state that it is considered as the monitor that occurs.


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