Bill Gates accuses Peru of new ‘coronavirus’

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, who has attracted attention with his interesting statements since the coronavirus epidemic first appeared, faced coronavirus accusation in Peru. As responsible for coranavirus in Peru’s local news outlets Bill gatesIt is reported that he blames Rockefeller and George Sonos, his family with the world’s most extensive network.

Coronavirus accusation is not the first

New claims have emerged against Bill Gates, who has been admired or criticized for many years with vaccine studies. A court in Peru, your coronavirus Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefeller family said it was a mistake and the partnership confused.

If the basis of the court decision is caronavirus The blame for the epidemic becoming so global has been attributed to the ‘elite crime world’. Emphasizing that it was lost by the wealthy elites, the judges at Chincha and Pisco Court reacted after their decision.

In the investigation text in Sputnik, “No world government, real and legal persons other than the creators of the new world order such as Bill Gates, Soros, Rockefeller can claim that this epidemic is predictable.” include statements.

After this investigation gained wide coverage in the press and social media, the Peruvian Supreme Court took over the investigation. In the statement made, it opened a preliminary investigation to the judges who signed the investigation decision.

This is not the first time for Bill Gates. Billionaire and founder of Microsoft Bill Gates has become the prime target of conspiracy theories regarding the coronavirus epidemic, which he calls “weird.” Both his statements and previous accusations against him, Gates soon found himself in conspiracy theories.

Bill Gates has been accused before

The biggest goal of these discussions is the global vaccine alliance of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which he established with his wife. In the social media realm, in some court investigations like the one above, and according to some commentators, Gates has been charged in various ways.

There are many conspiracy theories circulating on the internet. The most known of them is that Bill Gates has developed a coronavirus vaccine to monitor billions of people with ‘microchips’. One study says that US adults who believe in this thesis correspond to 28 percent.


Gates spoke to Business Insider about the issue. “In a way, it’s funny you want to see this conspiracy theory as something funny, but it’s not a really funny thing,” Gates said. said.

According to another report in Wired, another reason why these conspiracy theories were put forward is that Gates is so interested in the vaccine.

The mainstay of these claims was Bill Gates’ warning in a speech in 2015 that the biggest risk to humanity is not nuclear war, but an infectious virus that can threaten the lives of millions of people. This conversation, which was resurfaced after years, soon caused the spread of conspiracy theories.


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