Biden to replace its fleet with electric vehicles

New USA President Joe bidenwill soon begin the federal government’s process of phasing out the use of gasoline-powered vehicles and replacing them with electric-powered vehicles. The announcement also BidenAmerican-made government fleet vehicles on the way to campaign HOMEIt also fulfills its promise of replacement with ‘s.

News that delights American automakers

This announcement Tesla, Rivian and Lordstown as USA in the middle of multi-billion dollar investments in electric vehicle production, as well as EV manufacturers Ford and General Motors It is thought to be great news for such former manufacturers.

General Services Administrationaccording to 2019 in the federal government’s fleet as of 650.000 there was a vehicle. This 245.000 civilian vehicle, 173.000 military vehicle and 225.000 It is stated that a post office vehicle is included. These tools 2019total in 4.5 billion miles has come a long way.

Joe Biden also pledged to create a system that offers consumers discounts or incentives to replace gasoline cars with electric vehicles. However, he has not disclosed any more details about this plan at this time.

Also Biden’s order, focusing mostly on luxury and performance vehicles Tesla it is thought that there will not be a direct benefit for Among the automakers that could benefit from this order, the recently launched an electric version of their Transit Ford and BrightDrop Founding a new company focusing on electric delivery vehicles GM takes place.


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