Attention to the Clubhouse Android application!

Working with the invitation system, Clubhouse is a mobile application that appeals to a limited number of users and is still under development and is currently very popular. Only iOS users can use with the invitation system Clubhouse for developers Android It is still working on the version, but beware of fake apps in the Play Store.

Beware of fake Clubhouse practices

Founded in 2014 and called Clubhouse Software, the Trello-like project management application ranks first on Android and really does its job. When iPhone and iPad owners search for the Clubhouse application in the App Store, the first one is the actual application that is talked about by voice, and the second one is project management application sees.

Therefore, although there are confusions, we should point out that this app on the Android side is harmless and really does its job. But there is another drawback: some malicious individuals began publishing fake Clubhouse apps by simulating the app name and features.

As seen in the Google Play Store, some fake apps are listing users in a way that deceives users instead of the actual application. Users’ complaints are included in the comments of these applications.

Recently SDN Founder Hakkı Alkanduring the chat on the app Manipulation to the conversation with Aygaz music made and live hackingAt security point for app not yet released for Android raised question marks.


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