Applications that make life easier for university students

The whole world is affected Pandemic, education field was not empty. The biggest assistant of all university students who have started distance education in our country since March; There have been applications that can be used on every device. We searched for applications that can both entertain and support school life for university students. From note-taking apps, photo-taking apps, online course apps to low phone use apps, here is the list:

Notion app

Notion is a database that offers databases, calendars and reminders note taking application. Users can keep their notes in an organized manner, and thanks to the features it offers, the note pages stand out in terms of visual and usability. Notion both personally and your teammatesYou can use la.

There are ready-made templates for many topics in the application and you can also create your own templates if you want. Google Docs and Word You can also import files such as documents into the application.


To generated pages to do list, numbered list, link to other pages, table, gallery, picture, audio and video. You can view the past changes of a rendered page and also restore an entire past version.

Application phone, computer and can be used in many devices such as tablets.

Notion Android for its application: play.google.com/store

Notion iOS for its application: apps.apple.com/tr/app

Artificial intelligence with Adobe Scan

There are many applications for smartphones and mobile devices that take photos and save them as documents. But Adobe does not artificial intelligence By adding it stands out. Recognizing the text in the document you photographed in the application and converting it to text Sensi There is an artificial intelligence called. You can open and edit the texts scanned by Adobe Scan in a text editing program, save them as PDFs and use them elsewhere.

The Sensi feature has a wide range of capabilities. It cleans the document you photographed, erases the shadows; even perspective it also corrects the curvature itself. It determines the edges of the document and even cuts off the excess; if you want you too fine adjustment you can.

Adobe Scan Android for its application: play.google.com/store

Adobe Scan iOS for its application: apps.apple.com/tr/app


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