Application exceeding 500 million downloads in Play Store

One of the core applications of Google Google Lens drew attention with the number of downloads. App launched about three years ago Play Store‘in 500 million reached the download. The application, which actively has many utilities, seems to have remained in existence, although it is often seen as one of the forgotten applications.

Google Lens, Play Store hits 500 million downloads

Google Lens, offered by QR code scanning, getting text from pictures, solving the equationstands out as an app that helps you with many things like helping you get the best deal while shopping.

Google Lens normally Android it does not come pre-installed on devices. This is the case when most downloads Play Storemeans it is actively downloaded from. Some features of Lens, over time Google Camera Even though it entered the practice Google LensThere are some options that you cannot get without downloading.

Google LensAlthough it cannot be said that it works 100% correctly most of the time QR code It is thought to be the most reliable way to scan things like,


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