Apple to implement new data policy soon

Recently, the use and processing of user data has been at the top of the agenda. Early in the year WhatsAppWhile the debate about the new contract of Apple came by. The company will soon roll out the change regarding application developers, which has been on the agenda for a long time.

Apple imposes data sharing limitation for apps

Developers are using Apple’s new privacy feature, which requires permission from iOS users for ad targeting. iOS 14 beta started to apply in users. The full version of this feature is expected to arrive in spring. Apple originally planned to release this feature with the launch of iOS 14 last fall, but has postponed it to 2021 in order to adapt to developers.

Application Tracking Transparency The new participation requirement, called mobile application developers iPhone It leads to a significant change in the way they collect data from their owners and share this data with other companies to help with advertisements.


Before the change, Apple was allowing iPhone owners to enter its settings to disable this type of tracking. Apple says users do not follow the rules or try to circumvent the rules, instead of taking the initiative to disable the application, App Storeto request permission or suspension.

The primary way advertisers know that you have purchased a new product in an app before you advertise for the same product in another app is to provide an identification code. Namely, Descriptor for Advertisers, (IDFA) It connects to your device, is collected by the first app and shared with the second. This allows these apps to serve targeted ads and measure whether the ad is actually working.


Apple’s new regulation is open from iOS device owners to allow developers to collect IDFAs and share between apps. confirmation will require to take. App developers will continue to use any other information you give them to target ads, even if you don’t allow the app to track you. However, this information is under Apple’s new policy. advertising It will not be shared with any other company for tracking purposes.

Apple, privacy philosophyTo further strengthen, it differentiates between common ad tracking and targeting practices in the mobile application and web industries; providing statistics on the prevalence “A Day in the Life of Your DataHe created a new online manual called ”.

In the manual, “A complex ecosystem of websites, apps, social media companies, data brokers and advertising technology firms; It collects personal data by tracking users online and offline. This data is aggregated, shared, aggregated and monetised, feeding an industry of $ 227 billion a year.”Is the description.


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