Apple suspended car calls

According to a new report that came out Apple‘of, Hyundai and Kia with an electric “Apple Car“Talks about building were paused recently.

Apple Car controversy cannot be resolved

According to the news of Bloomberg AppleWas disturbed by Hyundai announcing that it is in talks to participate in the electric car project. Because in early January Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia backed without explanation.

It is unclear how long the discussions will continue or not. But HyundaiThere are internal conflicts in China that could derail plans. According to the leaked information Hyundaior KiaIt is thought that there is a “disagreement” as to whether or not to produce the Apple autonomous vehicle.

Additionally, in another report from January, Hyundai managers, still as a customer Apple He stated that they were thinking about whether working with him was worth the risks.

Apple Car battery technology

It should also be noted that if negotiations continue, Kia is expected to be a more likely election.

At the same time, ba source BloombergHe told that Apple was discussing similar plans with other automakers, but did not name any. Apple is also said to have met with more than one Japanese automaker.

In the event of production for the vehicle, Hyundaiof E-GMP It is claimed to be built on the electric vehicle platform and produced in conjunction with Hyundai’s component design and production.

Finally, in early February, Apple is said to be doing with Kia to bring its autonomous car to life. 3.6 billion Let’s also note that the dollar investment agreement is approaching. It looks like it will be clear in the future what kind of an outcome we will encounter about Apple’s car, which is based on many rumors.


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