Apple sued for Telegram

By the independent secure internet coalition USAAs a result of the lawsuit filed in Appleis expected to ban Telegram. According to the coalition, Telegram because Apple hosts violent groups Parler It should also ban Telegram, as it does with its app.

Apple is asked to ban Telegram

The most valuable company in the world Appleis on the agenda with a new case. District Court Northern Californiaas a result of a lawsuit filed in Parler It is expected to block Telegram for the same reasons, with the security reason that it blocks its application.

Who lost the presidential election Donald trumpSocial media applications were frequently brought to the agenda after their statements on January 6. For that reason Applewith the reasons he showed in that process Parler blocked its application. USACoalition for safe internet in Appleargues that it should block Telegram as it blocked Parler.

According to the information in the court file AppleHas sensitive information about Telegram. For example, some Telegram groups operate with the aim of intimidating, threatening, and forcing the public. The coalition formed is Apple’s TelegramHe states that he ignores his own policies against, and by allowing activities in Telegram, he is both a party to the crime and a condoning new bullying.

In addition, the purpose of the coalition in filing the case, AppleIt is thought that his investigation of what was going on in Telegram and his sharing with the public. Finally coalitionas a result of the case Applewants to ban Telegram. After this ban Telegram Stating that there may be people who have suffered damage because of the damage, the coalition demands that people who have suffered damage as a result of the investigations be paid compensation.


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