Apple returns to ‘domestic production’

Apple, which receives parts support from many companies for the devices it produces, is preparing to break this bond gradually. The company, which has recently taken its first step in Intel processor MacBooks, has recently launched its own production of these devices. Apple M1 used processors. Now Apple in a sense ‘Domestic Production’ included the cellular modem used by the iPhone and other devices in its strategy. Thus, the company aims to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm in this area.

Apple Senior Vice President announced

According to the news of Bloomberg, Apple will start developing its own modem. Johny Strouji, Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies at Apple, during a meeting, “This year we started developing our first internal cellular modem that will provide strategic advantage” made the explanation.

Apple will develop its own modem

Apple currently uses Qualcomm signed cellular modems in other devices, including the iPhone 12. Resolving the patent dispute between themselves, the two technology giants signed a new six-year agreement. It is not surprising that Apple is developing its own modem, although it will not give up Qualcomm completely. Again, as before, Apple is recruiting engineers from Qualcomm for this step.


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