Apple closed 3 critical vulnerabilities with iOS 14.4

Posted by Apple last night iOS 14.4, iPadOS 14.4 and tvOS 14.4 three with updates critical vulnerability it is closed. topic security vulnerability And although there is no need to worry too much when it comes to Apple, it may be different this time. Zero-Day This vulnerability, also called malicious people, remote control provides.

Although the gaps were closed with the updates published, Apple did not make a detailed statement on the subject.

3 vulnerabilities covered by Apple provide remote control

Reported by an anonymous investigator Zero-Day vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-1782 – CVE-2021-1870 – CVE-2021-1871) remote code execution allows. Although Apple made a statement on the issue, the attack how common it is or the number of active users affected by the attack No data was shared.

At the core open (CVE-2021-1782) of a malicious applicationyour privileges over the device makes it increase. The other two vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-1870 – CVE-2021-1871), called logic issues in the Webkit browser, are Code execution in Safari They’re giving permission.

Zero-Day vulnerability, yesterday updates Closed by Apple. However, the resulting security vulnerability, until the patches are widely applied It is not possible for it to be made public. Although there is no exact information yet, the security weakness, chain reaction may have caused

Attack, security breached It happens upon entering a website. The user who enters this website cannot prevent malicious code from entering his device, and the attacker takes control.

This kind of attack, before Al Jazeera journalists had targeted. It’s clear iOS 13.5.1 Even if your problem is closed with come back to the agenda, created question marks in minds.

For the statement made by Apple on the subject for iOS and iPadOS from herefor tvOS from here you can reach.


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