Apple and Google removed money trap apps

A Twitter user named Apps Exposed recently published a list of apps that are money traps. Used by hundreds of thousands of people and monthly 2.6 million dollars earnings applications that achieve, App Store and From Google Play Store removed.

Apple and Google block money trap apps

Although Apple and Google are strictly supervised, the rule violations of some applications can be overlooked. Evaluating the complaints, companies have removed applications that earn millions of dollars from users every month for a while.

Money trap apps removed by Google and Apple

The company, which allows users to get paid memberships with fake calls and messages, is also the developer of the Scorp application. Media Social LLC. The company, which came up with applications that appeal to adults, From 12 different applications Approximate in December 2020 $ 2,626,000 earned income.

Applications removed from both App Store and Google Play Store,

– Who – Call & Chat
– Who Lite – Live Video Chat
– Lovebird – Quality Dating
– You – Random Live Video Chat
– You Lite – Live Video Chat App
– Fish – Random Stories & Chats
– AvoChat – Online Video Chat
– Jam – Random Video Chat
– Selfie Chat – Random Chat
– SFS – Make new friends & Chat

was determined. Stating that when you install applications, they are directly searched by fake accounts and encouraged to spend money in this way, Apps Exposed, 5,000 dollars He stated that he has a membership fee and that users are trapped.


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