AMD unveils EPYC Milan processors at CES 2021

AMD CEO ‘That Dr. Lisa Sunew data computing capability that will surpass many processors EPYC introduced its processor. EPYC Milan3rd generation Zen architecture produced with.

3rd Gen AMD EPYC Milan outscores rival Intel Xeon

3rd generation Zen architecture Although it is introduced for desktop and mobile processors, it will serve corporate companies EPYC It was not introduced in such processors. EPYC Processors such as, bear more server-side load. It is stated that it will do this easily thanks to its features. Lisa SuAccording to AMD EPYC currently used by AWS, Google, Tencent, Microsoft, Oracle and other technology giants in cloud computing services. In addition to these AMD EPYC processors It is also used in both medicine and meteorology fields.

Lisa SuShowed how 3rd Generation EPYC Milan processors can deliver a significant performance boost when working with large data sets. EPYC Milan and Intel Xeon Gold 6284R processors were run on different servers. On every server 2 processors used. Used in comparison EPYC Milan to 32 cores, Intel Xeon is 28 had the core. A weather forecast simulation known as WRF was run on the servers. The simulation simulated a six-hour weather forecast over the USA. With this test EPYC Milanof Intel Xeon 6284R 46 percent faster turned out to be.

AMD EPYC Milan processors, Up to 64 cores and 128 PCIe 4.0 is able to offer a bus.


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