Ambitious vaccine statement from Russia: 100 percent effective

In a statement made by the Russian Human Health and Consumer Protection Agency, Russia the second coronavirus vaccine developed by EpiVacCoronaIt was stated that the efficiency rate of was 100 percent. Sputnik V, the other approved COVID-19 vaccine, had a protection rate of 92 percent in humans.

Second coronavirus vaccine from Russia

China’s in December 2019 Wuhan The new type of coronavirus epidemic estimated to have started in the city, aka COVID-19To date, more than 95 million people have been infected worldwide and cost 2 million lives. The world of science is making a superhuman effort to reduce the effects of the deadly epidemic and to return the world to the old days it missed as soon as possible.

Although paying attention to social distance and hygiene rules reduces our risk of encountering the disease, the way to get rid of it completely is through vaccine technology. Russia, one of the countries that took concrete steps in this regard, Sputnik V named after coronavirus vaccine introduced it to the public.

100 percent effective coronavirus vaccine

Sputnik V, the first vaccine registered against COVID-19 produced by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, 92 percent It was announced to have a very high efficiency rate. Russian Human Health and Consumer Protection Agency, EpiVacCorona announced that a second vaccine was developed, named.

According to published reports, the coronavirus vaccine developed by the Vektor State Virology and Biotechnology Research Center in Russia 100 percent It has protection rate. It has been announced that the EpiVacCorona, which has been working on since November 2020, will be available in a short time. However, it is not yet clear how many people participated in the phase studies of the vaccine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that there were billions of requests from more than 20 countries for Sputnik V, the first coronavirus vaccine developed in the country. We will see how much confidence the new vaccine produced will provide in the world public opinion in the coming days.


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