Ahmet Davutoğlu was the first politician to join the Clubhouse

The mobile application that we have heard frequently for a while Clubhousebecame the most talked about topic in a short time. Clubhouse, which was on the agenda by bringing many people together as speakers from the groups, is now on the agenda with a different topic. Journalist Cilara Caglar opened byAhmet Davutoğlu is also hereThe room titled ‘managed to gather many people in a short time. The first politician to join the Clubhouse Ahmet Davutoğlu answered the questions of various names.

Davutoğlu was the first politician to join the Clubhouse

Davutoğlu, leader of the Future Party, answered the questions of the speakers who changed in accordance with the general style of the mobile application. Referring to Turkey’s problems from time to time more to ObamaTilla Taş, Lawyer Feyza Altun and answered many journalists’ questions.

Davutoğlu, who is the first politician to participate in the platform, spoke in a room attended by approximately 2 thousand people. Cuneyt Ozdemir It was also seen that many people spoke in the chat room, which also included well-known journalists.


Similarly, after this live chat attracts attention, other politicians are expected to be put into practice. The mobile application, which is said to have a great potential, seems to compare us with different scenarios in the coming days.

What is the clubhouse and how is it used?

The Clubhouse application, which has been very popular recently and is flooded by internet phenomena, draws attention. Bringing a new trend to social media, Clubhouse does not allow written and visual sharing, unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The mobile application that allows voice-only speech is based on the speech system in turn. It is also currently only iOS offered to users of the application Android version is under development.

In this period when people are turning to alternative social media platforms, the social media application Clubhouse, which comes across with a different concept, is an application where not everyone can go and register. Working with the invitation system, the application increases its popularity at this point.

Clubhouse In order to register with the application, a person who has used the application before invitation code it needs to send. In other words, you cannot register immediately, as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms. It is possible to register without an invitation code.

Unlike the invitation code, which is the fastest registration method, you can also register with your phone number. If you choose this method, they will pick you up while waiting, and when your turn comes, you can become a member of the application.


The way to use the application is quite simple. Popular mobile application moderator and listener can be used in two different ways. First of all, when you log in to the application, you mark specific interests as in most social media platforms and applications.

If you want to use the application as a moderator you create a room for yourself. In this way you have all the authority and you can control the conversation, who will join the conversation, and the progress of the conversation. Also you Invitations to listeners You can include it in your chat by sending it. In addition, you can make your friends who participate in the conversation as moderators.

For more detailed information about the application, we have prepared for you to the guide you can take a look.


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